• From Anne’s diary, 9th August 1818 (age 28)

    Mrs Page began talking about my getting married. Told me I had a good figure, good complexion, held myself well & was, she thought, good-tempered. That I should be good-looking if I dressed my hair with bows, as they do now, and with curls, etc. She is a vulgar, good sort of woman, fond of giving her opinions and advice. I took it all well, was amused, led her on & praised her &, I daresay, came off with flying colours.

Anne Lister leaves Paris – and her lover, Maria Barlow

On 31st March 1825 Anne left Paris leaving her distraught lover, Maria Barlow, with whom she had been conducting an affair. ‘…She clung round me at the last & when I wanted to go, saying staying did no good, ‘Oh, no’, said she, ‘stay till the last minute.’ She said she should go to bed immediately. She sobbed convulsively & as I went out of one door she hurried out of that into her own room (from the drawing room)… She said she would watch my pendule & think it spoke to her of me when it struck, particularly at the half-hour, that one little beat.’

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